2015-16 Community Campaign

Goal: $650,000 (Raised $731,056.56)

Campaign Co-Chairs
Dr. John and Jan Fortney
Manufacturing Division:  Goal:  $330,000 (Raised $436,832.22)
Linda Madison, Kenworth Retired                       
Retail & Services Division: Goal:  $85,000 (Raised $88,767.32)
Jennifer Foreman, LCNB Bank 
Public Service Division:   Goal:  $55,000 (Raised $40,516.57)               
Tom Spetnagel, Jr., County Auditor
and Tamra Lowe, EO and Fair Housing, City of Chillicothe 
Community Division: Goal:  $60,000 (Raised $42,908.38)
Michelle Broadstone
Health Division: Goal:  $75,000 (Raised $84,022.62)
Missy Brenner, Adena Health System
Mark Bridenbaugh, Hopewell Health Centers
Dr. Sheilah Gray, DDS
Professional Division: Goal:  $34,000 (Raised $24,704.32)
Cathy Dresbach, Edward Jones
Education Division: Goal:  $11,000 (Raised $11,675.24)C
Joyce Atwood & Martin Tuck , OU-C
Please click HERE for our list of LEADERS in the Community who Donated to United Way this year and made a difference!


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