2016 Partner Programs Supported by United Way

1.  Disaster Services Assistance (American Red Cross), $15,260:   provide food, shelter, clothing and other services to Ross County residents in need after disasters.  Free service.

2.  Services to the Armed Forces  (American Red Cross), $2,500:  operate a 24-hour call center for families of military members to contact their loved ones serving in the military in case of a family emergency;  educate family members about the program.  Free service.

3.  Direct Aid to Working Lower Income Families (Assistance House), $10,000:  provide emergency assistance to working families until financial stability can be maintained. Pay for unforeseen expenses like car repairs, medical expenses or utility bills.  Provide financial counseling.  Free service.

4.  Bainbridge Senior Center, $8,000:  assist in providing meals and fellowship to seniors in need.  Fee-based service.

5.  School Based Mentoring (Big Brothers/Big Sisters), $4,000: match children with caring adult mentors once a week for one hour during school year.  Free service.

6.  Traditional Matching (Big Brothers/Big Sisters), $10,810:  match children with caring adult mentors and provide ongoing support.  Free service.

7.  Waiting List Services (Big Brothers/Big Sisters), $8,000:  monthly and small group activities for children waiting to be matched.  Free service.

8.  Pre-school (Carver Community Center), $12,000: school readiness for children who have tried to enroll in Head-Start but were waitlisted or denied.  Includes many working poor whose income is too high for public assistance but too low to pay full preschool tuition.   Tuition is based on a sliding scale, but free to those 175% below poverty level.

9.  Summer Program (Carver Community Center), $8,000:  academic enrichment in math and language arts with other educational, athletic and social activities;  targets low-income children and is tailored to Ohio Academic Content Standards.  Tuition is based on a sliding scale but free to those 175% below poverty level. 

10.  Youth Development (Carver Community Center), $10,000:  exciting and engaging experiences for students after school, to include homework help.  Includes snacks and supplies for activities and homework.  Tuition is based on a sliding scale but free to those 175% below poverty level.

11.  Abuse Assessment (Child Protection Services), $25,000:  interviews, exams and coordination between agencies (law, mental health, and children services).  Free service.

12. Child Abuse Prevention (Child Protection Services), $3,200:  school-based sexual abuse prevention services.  Free service.

13.  Discovery Garden (Easter Seals), $6000:  weekly playgroup for preschoolers with play centers, stories and crafts.  The goal is to increase kindergarten readiness and provide a support network for parents and guardians.  Free service. 

14.  Senior Activities/Fellowship/Health Screenings (Frankfort Senior Center), $3,280:  provided on a weekly basis to promote fellowship, health and community involvement.  Fee-based.

15.  S.T.E.M. Classes In-School Program (Girlscouts), $4,000:  engages elementary school girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in-school programs to expose girls to these fields and provide opportunities for exploration and increase of knowledge in these fields.  Free service for girls.  

16. Training Employment Services (Goodwill), $10,000:  provide income employment opportunities for adults with disabilities who don't meet requirements for Ross County Board of disabilities and would unlikely be employed without support.

17.  Workcenter Services (Goodwill), $9,650:  provide support to Goodwill work centers for adults with disabilities who would unlikely be employed without these centers.  

18.  Free medical and dental clinic (Hope Clinic), $20,000: faith-based clinic that that assists those with limited access to healthcare who are below poverty guidelines

19.  Military Veteran Resource Center Support to Ross County Veterans,   $10,000:  provide employment assistance and other assistance to veterans honorably discharged from the service. 

20.  Cooking Matters (OSU Extension SNAP -Ed), $3200:  teach clients how to cook healthy on a budget, nutrition advice and information on how to select and cook healthy food.  Free service.  

21.  Phoenix House (Ross County Coalition Against Domestic Violence), $36,400: provides quality access to short-term shelter for female victims of domestic violence and their children.  Free service.

22.  Men's Shelter (Ross County Community Action), $35,000:  addresses the problem of homelessness for men 18 and older.  Free service.

23.  Solace of Ross County (Ross County Community Action),$12,614: provides encouragement, education, and empowering support for families impacted by drug addiction.  Free service.

24.  Emergency Assistance (Salvation Army), $10,000:  emergency and Christmas assistance.  Free service.

25.  Women's Shelter (Seeds of Hope), $5000:  Temporary shelter and life-counseling for women and children in need.  Free service. 

26. Patty's Scoutreach (Simon Kenton Council Boyscouts), $22,000:  improve behavior, education and social interaction through scouting.  School-based program that targets 2nd and 3rd graders through meetings held at Chillicothe City School and Adena School elementary buildings.  Free service. 

27.  Legal Services (Southeastern Ohio Legal Services), $12,000:  provide advice, counsel and representation to low-income families to address civil legal needs that impact family stability /income, including legal barriers to employment, housing, domestic violence, consumer-related issues and denial of lawful benefits.  Free service.

28.  Water Safety (YMCA), $19,456:  water safety for 4th graders and  preschoolers.  Free service.

29.  Diabetes Prevention Program (YMCA), $10,000:  provide classes on exercise and nutrition to lower the symptoms and signs of diabetes.  Fee-based service. 

30.  Youth Crime Watch, $4,000:  mentoring troubled teens through police officer-mentors.  Provide information on drug-prevention and anti-bullying.  The goal is to keep kids in school and get youth involved in giving back to the community through community projects.  Tutoring provided.  Free service.

31.  Baby Steps Program (Wee Care Outreach, Inc.), $4,125:  provide educaton and training to enable pregnant and parenting teens at CHS and CMS to complete their high school education and earn a diploma.  Free Service.

32.  Bundle of Joy Program (Wee Care Outreach, Inc.), $2,100:  provide baby supplies and equipment to parents in need.  Free service.  

New Initiative Grant:

Huntington Archery Program (Huntington Schools Archery Club), $4000:  provide equipment for the club for students to learn archery and compete in competitions.  Fee based.   

Special Needs Grants:

Kiwanis (October 2015):  $1000.00 for Make a Difference Day Equipment at Coppel Sports Complex Playground. 

Good Samaritan Food Pantry (Mar 2015):  $8000.00 toward a new truck to transport food.

Ross County Social Services (Dec 2015):  $3500 for teen Christmas gifts