UWRC Grant Applications

Many people are aware that the UWRC has an Partner Program Annual Community Grant application process for Ross County 501(c)(3) organizations to seek funding for programming efforts in the areas of health, education and financial stability.  Many people are aware of this annual process but are unaware that the United Way also has two other categories to award grant funds to Ross County 501(c)(3) organizations throughout each calendar year: New Initiatives & Special Needs.  

Partner Program Annual Community Grants:

The United Way of Ross County opens its annual Partner Program Annual Community Grant application process in August of each calendar year.   Eligible, local 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations may request funding for specific programs that improve lives and have goals with measurable outcomes in the targeted impact areas of education, financial stability/mobility, health and safety net services. To view the details around these impact areas, applicants may view the document on line at http://www.unitedwayross.org/united-way-program-grant-application.

To qualify for funding, requesting agencies must have 501(c) (3) status for at least one year, and programs requiring funding must be in existence for one year in Ross County or elsewhere.  Requested funding must serve Ross County residents only.    United Way’s Staff and Community Grants Committee, made up of 20 community volunteers, will make recommendations on funding based on United Way’s Community Impact Model, which strives to align with and meet the greatest needs of people in Ross County.  United Way’s Board of Directors, made up of an additional 20 community volunteers, will make final funding decisions by the end of the year.

Applications must be submitted online at www.unitedwayross.org , and can be accessed by clicking on the United Way Program Grant Application Tab. Applications for funding will be accepted through September 15, 2019 at 11:00 p.m.  Questions can be directed to Kathy Murphy at United Way at kathy.murphy@unitedwayross.org

New Initiative Grants:

United Way of Ross County also funds New Initiative Programs in amounts less than $10,000 that will improve Health, Education and Financial Stability and need funding to get started.   The agency itself must be in existence for a year, and be a 501(c)(3) organization.  To be approved, the new program must be able to measurably demonstrate outcomes in one or more of the UWRC Community Impact Focus Areas of: Health, Education and Financial Stability;  include a program budget;  and serve a documented need in Ross County.   To submit a New Initiative Grant Application, click HERE.


Special Needs Grants:

In addition to the Annual Program Grants and the New Initiative Program Grants, the United Way of Ross County awards Special Need Grants to nonprofit agencies. The agency requesting the Grant must be in existence for at least one year.  The organization requesting the item must provide supported information on how this item will help improve education, health or financial stability for those that will be using or benefiting from the item.   Special Needs Grants are not given for operating costs or to general fundraising for organizations.   Special Needs Grant requests are reviewed once a quarter by our Community Grant Committee.  To apply for a Special Needs Grant, please click HERE. 



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