Success By 6 Kindergarten Readiness Program

Success by 6 is an initiative by United Way to improve Kindergarten Readiness by partnering with agencies in the community and schools to provide children with every opportunity to succeed.  Each school district received at least one $4500 grant to conduct a summer kindergarten readiness program for up to 15 children that need extra help with math, literacy and social skills. Chillicothe School District and Zane Trace School District each received two $4500 grants for two units each of up to 15 children.  Each class will be taught by a certified kindergarten teacher and aide, and meals and transportation are included.  Classes will be 4 days a week for 4 weeks, and include a minimum of 56 hours of instruction time.  Students will be given a pre and post test to assess the effectiveness of the program, and United Way will track Kindergarten Readiness of participating students during the school year.  Parent Surveys will also be used to gauge program effectiveness.

United Way Investment:  $46,715

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