Success By 6 Kindergarten Readiness Program

"Nearly 60% of Ohio children who show up to school are NOT ready to succeed in Kindergarten, and those who have not developed some basic literacy skills prior to entering school are 3 to 4 times more likely to drop out in later years."  (Ohio Department of Education, 2016)

Success by 6 is an initiative by the United Way to strengthen the Kindergarten Readiness of our children.  By creating a partnership in Ross County between the United Way of Ross County and the Ross County public school systems, this program enables these collaberators to provide support to children struggling to succeed as they enter Kindergarten.  

Through our program partnership, each school district in Ross County receives at least one $4500 grant to conduct a summer kindergarten readiness program for up to 15 children.  These classrooms are for children who need extra help with math, literacy and social skills.  

Potential student participants are identified by the individual school systems, as the children are assessed in the Kindergarten enrollment process. Each Success by 6 classroom is taught by a certified kindergarten teacher and aide.  Meals and transportation are included for children to attend this summer program which consists of 4 weeks of 4 day classes. Children receive a minimum of 56 hours of instruction time. 

Upon the completion of the 2018 summer program, the participating students' cumulative average test score (pre- program test vs. the post- program test), demonstrated a 16.22 point increase. 

Participants are given a pre and post test to assess the effectiveness of the program.  The United Way, in cooperation with the school systems, continues to track the Kindergarten Readiness and success of these young students during the school year.  Additionally, parent surveys are distributed by the school systems and are used to gauge the program effectiveness with their paticipating children.

United Way Investment:  $45,000