Mighty Active Pack (M.A.P.) Club


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Mighty Active Pack Club

Providing Ross County school children with nutritious, easy-to-prepare food on weekends 

The Mighty Active Pack (M.A.P.) Club is a program that provides shelf-stable food for children, in food insecure homes, through the City of Chillicothe and Ross County school systems, over the weekends, during the school year. These bags usually contain nut butter, boxed macaroni and cheese, canned vegetables and fruit, canned soups, canned pasta, crackers, prepackaged snacks and a full sized box of cereal.  Packs may also contain bread, fresh produce and other items when available.  For program information and community impact results, download a program brochure.  

Food insecurity is defined as: whether a person has consistent access to an adequate amount of quality food to live an active healthy lifestyle (USDA 2016).   

       16.1% (2,650) children in Ross County are food insecure (Feeding America 2022)

The United Way of Ross County and the Ross County Hunger Coalition are partnered with the Mid-Ohio Food Bank to help these children receive nutritious and easy-to-prepare weekend food. Free and reduced priced lunch and breakfast programs create a regular source of food for school age children, but these vital programs do not extend into the weekends. M.A.P. Club strives to help fill this weekend food gap.


Teachers and staff at participating schools refer students whom they believe may be chronically hungry, utilizing a food insecurity checklist of indicators. These students meet financial eligibility standards and a permission slip is signed by parents of these children for them to receive the M.A.P. Club weekend bags.




A donation of just $9 supplies one Mighty Active Pack.

A donation of $315 provides one hungry child with weekend food for an entire school year.


Volunteer to help fill the packs on Thursday evenings.

Contact the United Way office at 740/773-3280 or email kasha.henning@unitedwayross.org.


Community Partners & Sponsors:

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